The best alternatives to Kickass Torrents 2017

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Kickass Torrents is already more than 6 months offline, and we are still missing it very much. Time to look for the best alternatives. Which luckily exists, though we have to look good. We put the best alternatives for Kickass Torrents for you at a glance.

Note: Download is illegal in most countries and can result in fines. You can also get inadvertently malware or other crap from peer-to-peer downloading. Want to know how to stay safe while downloading? Read this article. And remember: Downloading is at your own risk!

DX Torrent

A shameless copy of Kickass Torrents that has nothing to do with the old site. You may not like that DX Torrent stole the design of KAT, but if you just want to continue using your old favorite site, it’s okay. The supply of DX Torrent looks just as great as that of Kickass Torrents, so you won’t miss anything.


Demonoid has been around for more than 15 years and is a household name in download land, but for one reason or another never gained as much fame as The Pirate Bay. Demonoid is a forum where users can post torrents which are provided of the number of trackers and the contents of the file.


If you’re not interested in watching movies but only looking for series, you can visit EZTV. You can visit the site especially for finding individual episodes of just about any series that you can think, you can search and find via a handy drop-down menu. The site is far from perfect, for example, you can not sort by file size or look up the number of trackers, but the offer is huge.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most notorious download site on the internet, and although the site is no longer as powerful as it used to, The Pirate Bay is still one of the best sites to find torrents.

Since the site was temporarily offline late 2014 brought the offer not as extensive as ever, but the most popular movies and music you want are still there. You also see at a glance how many seeders and leechers a torrent has or a torrent has been verified, and how big a file it is.

Note: The police took Pirate Bay offline late 2014, but the site made a few months later a mysterious comeback. No one knows exactly how The Pirate Bay can be active again, so it is sometimes speculated that the site is used as a decoy server to detect major uploaders. As always, but especially in the case of The Pirate Bay: Always use a VPN!


TPBClean is quite literally ‘clean version of The Pirate Bay. It is a copy of the original site without ads or pornographic sex torrents. Furthermore, the site is working as usual.


Another site that is back with a vengeance: Isohunt. It was in 2012 and 2013 one of the most popular torrent sites on the web until the end of that last year it was taken offline by the Canadian police. Mind you, because unlike is no restart of the previous site.

It is not known who was behind, but the site offers at least a lot of different torrents. For downloading music and movies, Isohunt is particularly interesting, because the site has extensive information about the content of films and series. You can easily find what actors are playing in a movie, you can view series per season, and get recommendations based on the torrent you are downloading.


A bit of a strange name (1337, or l33t, stands for “leet”, and is an abbreviation used by hackers instead of ‘elite’), but 1337x is a very good aggregator to download quality torrents. 1337x collects torrents from other hosting parties, but doing something extra: An editorial controls the torrents on their quality and authenticity. On this site, you will not find cam rips, but only HD or Full HD files with good sound.

YiFy Torrents

YiFy is a familiar name we’ve heard before. YiFy was a well-known group of uploaders, who was known for good quality movies in a small size. YiFy was taken offline earlier this year by the authorities, but there are plenty of torrent sites that piggyback on the reputation of YiFy.

The best known of these is That is not the same as YiFy, but the site is nonetheless a good resource for torrents. It is not known where the torrents are coming from, but they are certainly old-fashioned good and old-fashioned small.

RARBG is a no-nonsense torrent site, which particularly stands out for its clarity. Especially for movie lovers. In a carousel with “featured torrents’ you immediately see which movies are recently added. When you choose a movie, you see the list below with all the versions listed on the site, and how many seeders are active.

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