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Finding a cryptocurrency project with a sustainable revenue model is quite difficult. Most rely heavily on the sale of ICO funds, personal token allocations, or generous private investors to start their projects. Wootrade is different. Wootrade is able to optimize revenue streams on the back end. This allows them to make money, and at the same time be able to offer the end-user a trading experience free of costs.

  • WOO X enables private users to use the institutional liquidity network at a lower or no cost
  • Deepest liquidity enabled by the aggregation of global liquidity, advanced crossing and order routing engines, and organic capital from top market holders
  • First digital asset stock exchange to use Payment for Order Flow modified for transparency and trade execution

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What is Wootrade

Wootrade is a liquidity pool that exchanges and institutions can use to provide their users and clients with deep order books and the best trade execution. They work in the background and help these institutions to satisfy their customers. Professional trading teams can link to their own trading dashboards via API or use the Woo customizable trading dashboard. In the future, there will also be an advanced retail platform, where every user can directly benefit from their professional trading tools and zero fees. The best part is that, unlike traditional exchanges, they don’t charge their users for executing transactions and using their services. It is free to use for the end-user. That’s right, no cost.

Is WOO Exchange safe?

The WOO crypto Exchange is active on many markets. You can check the list of unsupported countries to see if it’s available in your country.

Woo has a large range of trading options, cryptocurrencies, and tokens. Indeed, WOO Exchange is on its way to becoming one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Growth has been unprecedentedly fast. Moreover, WOO is much more than a trading platform for crypto spot and futures trading. WOO Exchange is a complete global ecosystem for the adoption of cryptos and blockchain tech.

How can I sign up for free trading?

It’s fairly easy to sign up for WOO and start trading.

  1. To get started, visit their website:
  2. Next you need to sign up. To do this, click the Register Now button on the top right corner
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Verify your email-address
Woo Sign up Form

Woo Sign up Form

About WOO Network

The WOO Network is a deep liquidity network that brings together global liquidity, top market holders and quantitative trading strategies to give traders, exchanges, institutions and DeFi platforms democratized access to deep liquidity at low cost. The WOO Network was founded by Kronos Research, one of the most important quantitative trading companies in the world with a daily trading volume of $5-10 billion, with the aim of democratizing access to first-class liquidity, trading and return strategies through various products.

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