Howto collect all Trophies on Snapchat

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Since last year, you can collect trophies on Snapchat. These trophies on Snapchat can be found by pressing the top of the ghost and then going to the icon with the trophy at the top of your screen. Here you can see which trophies you’ve already unlocked.

You can only earn Snapchat trophies with Snaps you mutually send to each other. When you add Snaps to your story, they do not count for trophies.

You will receive points when sending Snaps, and with this points, you can collect trophies. You can see how many points you have by tapping on the small white ghost on your camera screen. Besides your name you will see the number of points. You get one point per sent Snap and you will receive one point per received Snap. When you have collected 10 points (which you have very fast), you get a baby emoji. If you have tapped the 500,000 points, there will be a ghost in your trophy cabinet.


These Emoji will appear in your list of trophies as you sent X number of videos. If you have sent one, you get the tape, if you have sent 500, you get a real Handycam.

Did you know you can use multiple filters? You get these emoji if you use one or two filters when sending a Snap to a friend. These are easy to collect!

Switching between cameras

Did you know you can switch from front to back camera or vice versa by tapping twice on the screen? You can also earn trophies for it.

Use of color

With Snapchat you can use all kinds of stickers, but also with various colors. The more colors you use in a picture, the faster you can add these trophies.

Night owl

You will receive this Late Night Snap trophy (a fried egg, how appropriate) if you send a Snap between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning.

Night Mode

Do you know about the night mode on Snapchat? The night mode is displayed in the upper left image (a moon) when it is dark. If you have sent 50 photos, you will get this trophy. Do you want to use the night mode during the day? then put your phone on the table, then you have a black screen.

Black and white

If you send fifty Snaps with a black / white filter, you get a panda as a trophy!

Giant text

You can increase your texts in a snap. You do this by typing something, pressing the T and then magnify it with two fingers. If you do this fifty times, you will get the giant trophy text!


If you zoom fully utilized (ie you zoom in so far that it can not continue), you get a trophy after ten times.

No sound

Send once a video without sound and you will receive this trophy! So it’s an easy trophy to get!


If you manage to get this trophy, you are the queen or king of selfies. You are receiving this devil if you make 1000 selfies and have sent to your friends via Snapchat. Bizarre!


If you send a Snap while you’ve turned on your flash, this trophy will be in your trophy cabinet.


For this emoji, you might need to go abroad, because not everywhere it will be this hot. To get this trophy in your trophy cabinet, the weather must be above 38 degrees! If you are abroad and you have WiFi and it is very hot, do not forget to snap!


When you enter your phone number and email address in settings, you will receive these two emoji.

Live Stories

On special days or special places, you get the ability to add your Snaps on Snapchat Live Stories. When you add a snap, you get an old-school radio, if you send ten, you get a clapperboard.

Scan Snapcodes

Did you know you can add someone in a very easy way? Ask if the other person wants to show his snap code (the QR code that is displayed in the yellow square). You must open Snapchat and point your camera at the code. Keep your finger pressed on the code and it will add this friend. Handy! If you have scanned five times codes of friends, you get a fax machine in your trophy cabinet.


Have you ever created a screenshot of other Snaps? Then you will receive trophies below. If you make a screenshot of a snap of someone else, that person will receive a notification! So pay attention to making screenshots.

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