Howto stream Facebook videos to a Chromecast

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Facebook meets Chromecast. Finally, you can stream Facebook Live streams and other Facebook video directly with Chromecast. In this tip, let’s see how this works.

Facebook video Chromecast

Hundred hours of videos are viewed every day on Facebook. That’s why Facebook is now putting the next step by streaming videos of the screen of your smartphone or tablet to your TV.


Stream Facebook videos on a Google Chromecast

The only thing you need is a Facebook account, the Facebook app, and Chromecast or Apple TV that is connected to a TV. After that, it is very easy to put on a stream. Below you can read step by step how this is done.

  • Open the Facebook app and find a video you want to stream;
  • Tap the Chromecast or TV icon in the upper right corner of the video;
  • Choose the device that is connected to your TV;
  • The video is now playing on your TV.

By playing a video on a TV instead of your smartphone, you can post comments easily while watching a live stream. These reactions are also displayed on your TV. It is also possible to simply continue scrolling through your timeline, without stopping the video.

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