How to make a screenshot of your Touch Bar

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In MacOS Sierra, you can easily take a screenshot of the Touch Bar. Apple has introduced a new shortcut in Mac OS 10.12.2, which allows you to take a snapshot of a specific part of the screen. If you have a MacBook Pro (2016) with Touch Bar, then this tip can be useful for you.

Touch Bar: how to make a screenshot

You probably know how to take a screenshot in macOS. If you want to capture the Touch Bar in a screenshot, it will work in a slightly different way.

The key combination to create a screenshot of the Touch Bar is Command + Shift + 6 (⇧⌘6).

This key combination is almost the same as that of making a normal screenshot. The keyboard shortcut for a full screenshot is Command + Shift + 3 (⌘⇧3) and with Command + Shift + 4 (⌘⇧4) part of the screen can be saved as a screenshot.


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Two alternative ways

There is yet another way to create a screenshot, wherein it is immediately sent to the clipboard. This is done with Control + Command + Shift + 6 (Control ⌘⇧6). You can then paste the screenshot into another program easily.

A third option is to use the screenshot app. Search Spotlight on ‘ to open this app. Through the menu options, you can point where you want to take a screenshot of.

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