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Looking for Snapchat online login? Find here the instructions for Snapchat online login. With this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know and how you can sign in on your Snapchat account from your computer. Snapchat has 200 million active users worldwide. Together they send 400 million daily snaps.

Snapchat is a particularly hugely popular among young people and it’s a way to share photos and short videos. As the name suggests, you use the app images share images with friends and family.

Snapchat login – Sign in on your PC

There are a couple of ways to access your Snapchat account from your computer. Unfortunately, there is no is way like on your phone where you can download an app. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. We will use a software called Bluestacks to run Snapchat on Windows (or Mac). Follow the simple instructions below to use Snapchat online on your computer.

  • First, go to and download the free app and install it on your computer;
  • Next, follow the instructions on your screen and install Snapchat on Bluestacks;
  • Next, start Snapchat like you would on your phone and continue by logging in with your username and password;

Snapchat online login

Snapchat online login with Bluestacks

That’s it! You can now use Snapchat from your computer and use it however you like.

More about Snapchat

Snapchat uses an interesting principle: each photo or video is only on screen for a limited time. When the time has elapsed, the image disappears for good. That explains the huge popularity among young people: it is, therefore, an interesting app to send each other exciting pictures. Moreover, the receiving party may well make a screenshot, but in this case, the sender receives a notification.

Snapchat is hot, Facebook bid $3 billion a while back on the software. Snapchat refused this amount – the creators are convinced that their company is worth more. That is indeed not unimaginable.

What is so special about Snapchat

Millions of young people worldwide use Snapchat every day. What is useful about the app is that your messages, unlike in WhatsApp, automatically disappear for good after a few seconds of receiving. Besides sending ‘normal’ pictures and videos, many people also use it for sexting. And because Snapchat is very useful for this, the app is so popular; After all, you don’t have to worry that your message gets out and goes wandering on the web.

How long will a Snap exist?

Basically, Snaps remain up to 24 hours viewable for the recipient. When you send a message, you can set how long the recipient can look before the image or chat disappears permanently. If the recipient hasn’t seen your message after one day, it still disappears for good.

Some users think that it is possible simply to save Snaps by making a screenshot of it. After all, most phones support the option to create a screen capture. While it is possible to take screenshots within Snapchat, but when you do this, the sender of the photo will receive a notification that a screenshot was taken.

Snapchat for iOS and Android is free to download from the App Store or the Play Store via the links below.

Download Snapchat
Download Snapchat for iOS (free)
Download Snapchat for Android (free) (You can use this version on Bluestacks)


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